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StorEdge Backup Power

NEW! StorEdge Inverter supports higher power output with the new LG RESU10H battery.

StorEdge™ Products for On-grid Applications & Backup Power

SolarEdge’s StorEdge™ DC coupled storage solution automatically provides homeowners with
backup power in case of grid interruption, and allows home owners to maximize self-consumption
and to enable energy independence.

The StorEdge™ solution for on-grid applications and backup power is based on the following

Single Phase Inverter for On-grid Storage and Backup Power

The SolarEdge single phase inverter for on-grid applications and backup power manages the
battery and the system energy, in addition to its traditional functionality as a DC-optimized
PV inverter.

  • Backup Power – inverter includes the hardware required for automatic backup power for
    backed-up loads in case of grid interruption
  • On-grid Applications – maximizes self-consumption through export limit feature and time of use shifts for reduced electric bills
  • Simple Design and Installation – single inverter for PV, on-grid storage, and backup power
  • Enhanced Safety – designed to eliminate high voltage and current during installation, maintenance, and firefighting
  • Full Visibility – built-in monitoring of battery status, PV production, remaining backup power, and self-consumption data
  • Easy Maintenance – remote access to inverter software

SolarEdge Meter
The SolarEdge meter is used for battery integration and for production / consumption readings
for Export Limitation.

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