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Panasonic Battery Storage

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Harbor Flex™ Powered by Panasonic Li-ion Battery Technology | HarborFlex

  • Directly couples to X7600 and X11400 Islanding Inverters™
  • 4 Panasonic Li-ion Battery Modules
  • 30% more power capacity than other DC-coupled systems
  • Install Harbor in less than one hour
  • Floor standing, wall-secured design
  • Installer-portable design

Smart Battery for Solar and Grid-Interactive Energy Storage

Harbor Flex Panasonic

Harbor™ is a solar-ready smart battery providing 10.6kWh of usable energy with industry-leading simplicity and features. Featuring Pika Energy’s patented REbus™ 380VDC nanogrid platform and powered by Panasonic Lithium Ion Battery technology, the Harbor Smart Battery is the safe, powerful companion to the Pika Energy Island™ system for grid-tied solar with battery-interactive performance.

Build a smart solar-plus-storage system with Harbor

Pika Energy Island

Featuring plug-and-play compatibility with Pika Energy Island

Harbor directly couples to the Pika Energy Island’s single-phase X7600 Islanding Inverter and three-phase X11400 Islanding Inverter, enabling solar-powered buildings to store clean energy with revolutionary efficiency and simplicity. That means more usable power when the grid fails, and a faster return on your smart energy investment.

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